Need a suggestion for a lament

Looking for something to use for this:

“An indecipherable and ominous lament echoes across the stone and fades to nothing.”

Its a random encounter result in cavern scene. What would you all use?

A couple of options:

Haunted Heart - the “Myriana crying” element

Shadows of Esteren - Dearg - the Requiem or Deuil tracks

Into the Mists (Curse of Strahd) - “Music for Stanimir’s tale” element

Village of Barovia I - “sobbing” element

Destruction’s Light (Realm of the Frostmaiden) - has both “man crying” and “woman crying” elements

Not sure if you wanted music or vocalizations, so I gave you both! I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


It does, thanks! Digging into those now

Some great stuff in those options! I really want to find a spot to use “Music for Stanimir’s tale!” For what its worth, for my original need I think I’m going to go with the Banshee Song Oneshot from Phandelver.