Need a oneshot BIG ominous BOOM

Hi! I’m super new to using Syrinscape in my adventures, but I’m having fun so far!

I’m looking for a oneshot sound that’s a huge echoing boom, like something gigantic trying to pound it’s way out of a stone room or prison cell. I have a subscription so it can be from any set.

Any good suggestions?

Have a search for “Tower Booms” in OneShots. Can you find that?

I reckon that might be perfect for you. :slight_smile:

Also [lotr] Doom, doom [lotr] :wink:

Couple of possibilities:
Sci-Fi Player - Sub-Terra - Boom Hit
Fantasy Player - Dungeon Depths - Smashing a wooden door
Sci-Fi Player - The Devourer - Large Explosion (my personal favorite for your request)

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I ended up going with Boom Hit. Thanks for all the suggestions!!