Need a few sounds


What are your favorite for the following situations below,

Walking around in a town (day and night)
Walking thru a noisy forest
Walking thru a cemetary
And being in a quiet house (like creeks in the floor board and what not)


Your choices for a town: Brindle Town (Setting Up mood could be night, as it’s quieter), Magnimar, Bustling Port Town, and Waterdeep. Waterdeep has both day and night moods in various weathers to boot.

Forest - Elven Vale Day/Night (nice forest) or Witchwood (evil forest) are two good ones.

Cemetary - You could use the sounds from Witchwood or Elven Vale Day/Night, or perhaps Farmland (which has walking through fields), and combine with some elements of Elements - Horror, like some of the mist sounds and creepy music. Some of the music from Shadows of Estren or Trollskull Manor for moody music as well. Perhaps some sounds from Wraith Battle or Undead Battle if you want some lurking unquiet dead…

Quiet House - Misgivings House (“Inside the Manor”) is a good one, or Magnimar has a mood called “Derelict Townhouse”.