Natural Disasters -> Monsoon

I love Syrinscape for my games. I didn’t have much luck with players and the Online Beta but piping it through Discord with the fat client is working pretty well.

Natural Disasters is the exception. At first I tried everything else but I’ve come to the realization it’s the monsoon and stormy weather sounds. They sound terrible.

I’ve upgraded to top tier Discord trying to get them to sound good. As a result soundsets like Wagon Journey->Camping (The Bard Plays) sound absolutely divine and so very happy with the quality, but not weather related sounds.

I’ve tried cranking the inputs as high as they’ll go, recording Cable-B is now at 24 bit 192000Hz. And everything sounds great as a result but weather.

When I look at the Task Manager Performance, Ethernet Send rate is consistently near or over 300Kbps on Camping (The Bard Plays), once in a while over 400, but drops to 200-250 for weather and it sounds totally robo squawk on those sounds.

Not sure what else to try.