Narration in Surround Sound

I have a narration track that I would like to make it sound as if the Narrator was walking in a circle around the adventuring party. How can I make that happen?

As it is, I have the element open to the full 360 degrees, and the distance going from -2m to +2m, but that just causes the narrator to sound as if he’s passing through the party, or going off to one side.

Unfortunately there is no way of creating a movement path within the engine. You basically set the starting direction.

What might work (but I can’t test due to no surround system) is to create the sample, use the surround directional function of your favored audio editing software and set the start direction of the sample to where it starts sample wise. Leave the 3D directionally on for the element, so the app knows that it has to use the surround functionality.

Does this help somehow?

That’s a great idea. Thanks!

Just tried it, and it didn’t work. It appears that Syrinscape took my 6-channel track (5.1 Surround) and made it a mono track; so, it only plays from the center speaker (with no 3D positioning).

Okay, I have a solution. It isn’t exactly what I wanted - a full 360 degree walk around - but, it is a close approximation. First, I split the narration track into 5 mono tracks, moved each section so that it begins at 0 seconds, then saved each mono track as a separate file. Then I added all 5 files to the element’s playlist, set it to play sequentially without any delay between tracks, and turned on the 3D positioning. The narrator jumps around the room, rather than walking around … but, it is still a neat effect.