My Syrinscape is repeatedly crashing


Hi wonderful humans at Syrinscape. I love your product, but I’ve always had an issue with it crashing. I’ve sorta always pushed through it, but tonight it’s crashed on me approx 20 times and I have accomplished 1.5 custom sound sets. I’ve downloaded only two soundsets tonight… I’ve made sure it’s the most recent patch and my Ipad isn’t doing anything else. I was hoping you could help me. Thanks!


Hmmm… that’s frustrating.

Which version/year iPad are you running?


I’m using 2017 iPad mini 2 (if my memory serves).


Hmm… I imagine it shoooould have enough power/memory.

Have you got a decent amount of free ‘disk’ space?


It says it has 10 G of free space so I don’t think that’s it, but I appreciate you helping figure it out.


Do you use a Bluetooth speaker to play back the sound? I had a similar problem with my Android tablet - as soon as the Bluetooth speaker was connected, Syrinscape crashed now and then. But this has stopped after the last update.


No, it wasn’t that. It’s mostly when I’m downloading music or creating a custom mood…


Hmmm… Does it crash without notice or do you get an error message?
Also - I am no expert on iOS, but I guess there are OS updates now and then? Maybe it has something to do with the version of the OS your iPad is running.


Without notice and no error message. It’ll just close and go to the ‘desktop’.

I’m not either, but it’s always done this. At first I thought it was just because I was pushing it too hard. I don’t know much about it either, but I doubt it’s an update issue because I’ve had Syrinscape on it since the iPad was new and it’s always crashed on me.


Yeah… since we are getting literally NO other reports of repeated crashes on iPads… I reckon we need to be looking for something percuiliar to YOUR device… which is unusual for an iPad.

  1. I presume it is not jailbroken?
  2. Maybe a patch of bad memory = take it to Apple Store to run thorough diagnostics
  3. Something else wrong with it = as above
  4. Another app that runs in the background and is breaking something = shut down EVERYTHING and restart and run Syrinscape. Still crashing?
  5. Something else I can’t think of at the moment

Let me know if any of that helps… esp 2 and 3?