Muticultural music for cyberpunk cities

Hi, I’m pretty new to Syrinscape and have been loving using it in the Cyberpunk Red games I GM, but one thing that I’ve always thought would be great would be a set just of international music that could be put into different situations to give the city that multicultural vibe. I’ve done some mixing things up myself in Custom Moods by borrowing music from some Call of Cthulhu sets, such as the Egyptian coffee shop music to create moods that could work for a bodega or a modern Egyptian diner, and have done similar with the Oriental music that’s part of the Market Street 2076 soundset. I’ve even created a retro cocktail bar which mixes old timey jazz from Car Chase 1920 with bits of the Cyberpunk Red Forlorn Hope and Nightclub soundsets. They sound brilliant, but I’ve been looking around at some other sets with their Peruvian music and Kenyan music etc. etc. and been coming up with all manner of amazing ideas. It would be brilliant if there was an affordable way of getting some of those compositions as their own set, or perhaps a set of new music compositions especially written for a multicultural cyberpunk city. Either that or bring in more multicultural music into subsequent CPR sets. Hope it’s an idea that appeals. I would certainly buy it. :grinning:

I can recommend a few other music tracks for music to diversify - in the Fantasy Player there is the “tavern bard” element in Oriental Tavern, the “magical academy” music in Orientation 1 (from Kindled Magic), Exotic Palace has several (“the palace”, “inside the palace”, and “exotic sitar”), the “sur point” track in Debauched Gala, from Desert Nomad Camp the “desert music” and “belly dancers” elements, from The Land of Barovia the “Vistani music” element, and Cindermaw and Flames has “Shoanti camp” and “trial of the totem” elements.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for that, I’ll look into those. Funnily enough I actually bought Oriental Tavern earlier today. That “tavern bard” track is just the thing. :grin:
I daresay I’ll be able to make use of some of the fighting sounds too.

@HECook Hi, I can’t seem to locate Desert Nomad Camp, Land of Barovia or Cindermaw and Flames. Are those sets only available to subscribers? Or might their names have changed? Unfortunately I don’t have the spare cash to subscribe and have to just pick up soundsets as and when I can.

Dang it, sorry, I forgot; Desert Nomad Camp is community content so that is SuperSyrin subscriber only. :frowning: Lands of Barovia is part of the Curse of Strahd set, while Cindermaw and Flames is part of the Curse of the Crimson Throne: A History of Ashes set.

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@HECook’s knowledge of SoundSets still amazes me! You truly are awesome and we missed you again this year! Roll on GenCon 2022

Also @FrankensteinBee you have inspired me. I shall look at building a Bodega soundset to add to the Cyberpunk RED collection. :grin:


@HECook absolutely no apologies needed. You have been nothing but helpful and I am immensely grateful and as impressed as Steve by your knowledge of SoundSets.

@Steve Yaaaassss! That’s superb. If it’s not too rude, may I add a few suggestions that you may use or discard as you see fit? I am certain that your ideas are already awesome, but here goes:

  • Music with a Latin American or Indian Subcontinent atmosphere
  • A one shot vending machine in fuctioning and malfunctioning modes
  • Regular mood and robbery moods
  • A functioning and malfunctioning sweeper droid, sort of like a Roomba as if it was controlled by Skynet
  • The shrillest and ugliest burglar alarm you can make

Thanks all. I’ve not been on this forum a day yet, and you’re making me regret I hadn’t joined sooner. :grin: :+1:


@Steve Or maybe some bhangra. That would be awesome.

Then there is all the music from the Kemet soundset


@ominousbarry Thanks for that. I like the look of that set. :grinning: :+1:

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