Mute to minions option?

Hi, New to Syrinscape and so far it has been pretty great for enhancing our weekly online Pathfinder game.

My main question is: Is there a way to play audio clips for myself without the players (minions) hearing? I often work on our next session ahead of time and I want to preview all the dialog sounds, but I don’t want to spoil anything for players who may leave their application open.

Also, can you have different people join different campaigns, or is ‘all or none’ for people who join for games?

Last one, can I join another person’s game as a minion while remaining a master over my own campaign, or will I need to recreate the game link each week?

Thank you,

I think I may have found an answer to my first question, I downloaded the desktop app and that will let me sample and organize sounds without broadcasting.

I also saw other posts that the online is all or none, and anyone with their app open will hear the sounds (scared a friend who wasn’t expecting some screams to come through his laptop as he hadn’t closed his app).

Still not clear if the game link would stay static if I joined another person’s game and then back to my own or if I’ll need to post a new link each week, but that isn’t a big issue to repost to the group.

We are looking to improve the way players can connect and disconnect to a game. But for now, once players have been in your game, or you there’s, their names will appear on the Control Panel. From their you can then send them a fresh invite or they can request to join your game, which means you would just need to select “accept” from the control panel.

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