Music takes a long time to download



I love Syrinscape, I used the “classic” version in the past on online games – I’d use VirtualCables to enable other players to listen to music I played on my computer. But this setup is pretty complicated and a main issue people had is that they would want to control the music on a separate nob. Syrinscape Online is a great solution for that.

I resumed my subscription recently, but when testing with a player (we’re both in Brazil) we noticed that there would be different delays when I play sounds on the control panel. For music, it would take ~10 seconds for it to start playing for me, and ~20 seconds for it to start playing for him (we’re on different cities). When I played short sound snippets (like “Yes”, “No”, etc) sometimes he wouldn’t even listen to it, I’m not sure why – it didn’t even start playing.

Both of us have decent internet connection (150 megabit+), and we have no problems watching YouTube, playing online games and etc, so we’re confident that the issue isn’t local to our networks or ISPs.

Apparently there’s a bandwidth cap on Syrinscape Online server, so music is either pretty delayed or has the bandwidth heavily limited to Brazil or Latin America. I see a ~220ms delay on the web master panel. Usually ping to southern US (like Amazon’s us-east-1) is around 130ms. We don’t mind waiting a second or two, the issue is waiting 20 seconds to listen to a sound, that totally kills the mood.

Is there any way we can prevent it?


Can you do a speed test to US WestCoast… that’s where our servers are.

We have found SOME ISPs severely limit traffix speed to certain locations.

Some users have got around this by using a VPN… this might work for you/

NOTE: Once samples have been used once… they are Cached and will play MUCH faster the 2nd time… so one solution for the moment is to click through some of the stuff you will be using in a session before you start.

ALSO: we will be implementing a pre-load function which will let you select content for the Online Player Apps to go ahead and grab straight away… which will also fix this problem.

Let us know how you go with the speed test. :slight_smile:


Hello again Ben!

Are you using Amazon (AWS)? If so, are you using the AWS us-west-1 (North California)?

I’ll make a few more proper tests, specially on my friend’s connection since it was lagging a bit behind mine.

A pre-load function would be great, so players could cache ahead all sounds on a given campaign. It would make it much more reliable.

I’ll post an update here when I have some test results. Thank you!


I think, yes. :slight_smile:

@sonofconan confirm?