Music Playlists


I love using syrinscape. My remote play group have used the online player for some time now and it let’s everyone get great quality fantasy sounds. Previously when we were able to play in person we played background music that fit the mood and really enjoyed that too. Currently from what I’ve seen, many soundsets come with a few songs, one for each mood. Something I was hoping for is the ability in each mood to, instead of having one song that I’d have to replay multiple times, be able to play a playlist of songs that fit each mood. Sometimes we spend a bunch of time battling a boss and need some variation!

It would also be great to have these music playlists available to search and add to each mood to make a custom mood. And lastly I would love to be able to have my custom moods show up in the online player!


All the functions you are looking for are available with the Soundset Creator if you have a SuperSyrin subscription. You can create custom elements and moods in playlists. You can put multiple sounds/songs to an element so that it doesn’t just play the one. And if you upload your playlist to their server it shows up in the online player.


I’ll try that out! I was hoping for an easier way to just drag and drop a “battle music” playlist into my moods without having to go through the process of making my own playlists and having to manually upload. But I’ll do that for now!


If you download the soundset you want to edit you don’t have to do everything from scratch. You can just add more music to the ones you want and re upload it under your own campaign.