Music for traveling?

I got to use syrinscape for the first time last Saturday and really enjoyed it, I have the first 2 starter packs. One thing I was at a loss for, I didn’t have any music for when nothing is particularly happening, but traveling across the land.
So I’m hoping to find a soundset that might fill that hole. Dungeon music, battle music, tavern and town music is all covered, any help would greatly be appreciated. I maybe even missed something.

There is a Wagon Journey set that has some general travel music - you can just turn on the element marked “travel music” so you don’t get the wagon sounds/wildlife sounds (if you don’t want them). If that particular track is not to your taste, there is a lot of music here -

Some of this is battle music, but a lot is not, any depending on the mood of your campaign, one of these might suit you more when people are just going from point A to point B.

I hope that helps!

Thanks Holly! :smile:


  1. For suspenseful travel music, I use: “A nervous wait” from the Witchwood SoundSet
  2. For thoughtful travel music, I use: “Witchwood harp” from there too.
  3. For very happy travel music, Use “Sweeping Catan theme” from the Catan SoundSet (appears by default in the Board Game Player)


I should make a:
Music: Travel SoundSet for our SuperSyrin Subs.


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I made the set. It should be visible to all Fantasy and SuperSubs.

See it?

Changes? Additions?

I wonder if Kevin Mcleod has some music we can add in there?

@new_vision @Steve @HECook


Yar, I see it! Works dandy.

“Sand Thopter” from Moody Music might be a good one for distant travel too. :slight_smile:

@Benjamin I will send you a list of Kevin’s songs that will be a nice addition for fantasy leisure time.

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That’d be super useful.

Kevin’s music is great.

We can add tracks to other categories and moods too where they work.

Whoops, totally forgot. List coming in today…

Okay, here we go:

For a celtic background these would be great:
Achaidh Cheide
Celtic Impulse
Ske Cuillin

A more “generic” fantasy background could be covered with these:
Pippin the Hunchback
Lord of the Land
Master of the Feast
Suonatire di Liuto
Teller of the Tales
Village Consort

For suspense moments i really like:
Giant Wyrm

Awesome @new_vision,

Do already have these files on disk somewhere. Wanna share on dropbox?

Of course. Will share them with Dropbox and attach a text file with the needed license information.

Hi. Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I am a Johnny-come-lately to Syrinscape, and cannot find a designated file source for travel music (fantasy setting). Does such a thing exist? The link in HECook’s post doesn’t seem to yield anything.

Clarification: I cannot find the above mentioned Travel SoundSet. I am a new Fantasy subscriber.

The travel soundset is Community Content, so you would need a Supersyrin subscription to access that particular soundset. Their are lots of other sets though that would work for a travel scene, try “Wagon Journey”

Thank you for that clarification, Steve. I found that one, and will use it. What I’m looking for right now is something a little more upbeat for everyday travel, when there is no immediate threat or hint of danger. Something that has the same “feel” as the Shire music from FotR. Any suggestions?

Take a look at the Lost Mines of Phandelver soundpack, there is some great travel music in that, which might work for you. Just search for lmop :slight_smile:

Cool. Thank you so much, and happy new year!

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