Music Element not playing full sample/song list


I’ve got a few music tracks that I placed in an element and set to “Shuffle.” I expected it to play through all the songs once before repeating but it only ever seems to dig through about the first 4 songs/samples before repeating. Is there some sort of memory cap on elements that prevents them from “seeing” samples beyond the first X Mb?

I’ve got this problem on a couple soundsets (with completely different songs) though I did notice that both sets are above 100Mb. I didn’t think it was possible to upload a soundset over 100Mb but maybe you can, just once you do you start to get problems?

I’ll have to experiment this week to see if pulling some songs out of the element to reduce the soundset size helps.


Yeah. Above 100MB, Shuffle and Random do not seem to function. Only Sequential.

Below 100MB, they all seem to work. Good to know.


This is suuuuuper weird! This is certainly not an on purpose thing, but definitely possible!

I will put this on the list of things to look into. :smiley: