Multiple sound sets refuse to start


The only sound sets I can get to play through the Online Player are Dungeon Depths, Storm, Witchwood, Blaster Battle, Chess, and Casino. All Moods and sounds that I tested in those sets work, but no Mood in any other soundset will work. Elements in the non-functional sound sets won’t play, nor will any global one-shots (even when tried from a currently functional and playing soundsets).

It doesn’t show playing in the Master (no sound bar movement) and the image doesn’t change in the player when trying to activate a Mood in a different Soundset, it just continues to play the previously activated Soundset. If I go back to the original Soundset in the Master, it shows the animating volume bars. I gave it minutes (while the soundsets that work, worked with practically no delay on the first use), and it isn’t downloading anything to the cache during that time.

Unrelated, but shortly after activating the Chess soundset, the Player froze and just started a half-second loop.


As the Online Player accesses the whole database and every soundset, subscribing is the only way to use the Online Player in its full glory as a gamemaster and host games.

However, you can benefit from the Online Player as a participant in a gaming group, as you only need a registered account to use it for that purpose.


I would think all the freely available soundsets / any soundset that shows up would work. The only soundsets that show up are the ones available in the free player (I’m not yet a subscriber), and the soundsets that do not work in the online player, work in the standalone player (without subscription or purchases).

For example, the first two soundsets, Brindol Town and Bugbear Battle, do not work.

If these are not intended to work without subscribing, this should be made clear - as someone testing it out before subscribing, I would be left to assume the whole thing is just broken, when I click on something and nothing happens. This would not encourage me to subscribe, it would do the opposite.

Additionally, nothing says I need to subscribe just to use the online player (for the freely available sound sets or my own purchases), only that subscribing lets me invite others to the game (and gives access to everything available). The Online player’s own page and the control panel pretty much state as much.


@mainecoon Yes, you should be able to use everything in the Online Player that you can use in the Stand Alone Players… eg everything you own + the free ones… I think you may have actually simply found a bug.

I’ll check it out! :smiley:

Want me to activate some stuff for you (on your account) so you can give the Online Player a proper go.

And yes, a sub is required to run games with friends hearing you. Without a sub you can control your OWN Online Player (in fact, the Online Player is vying to overtake the Standalone Players as the most convienient thing (eg not having to install content before playback is pretty cool) (but the Standalone Players are still the strongest most well tested option).

All sense makes.

Stay tuned on the bug.


I opened the console log, and noticed this when trying to play the (normally free) sets or sounds that don’t work:

[Error] Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.
[Error] Failed to load resource: Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin. (play, line 0)
[Error] XMLHttpRequest cannot load due to access control checks.

Looks like it’s a CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) issue?