Multiple games in the Online Player interface?

Is there a way to have different games in the Master/Minion, or, if I run multiple weekly games, do I just have the players all link up under one ‘game’ and just tell them not to run their minion player unless they’re in a game with me (or be prepared to listen to zombie growls)?

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Nothing like this has been made yet.

BUT I reckon the easiest work around is to just have one big game with everyone who ever wants to follow you, and get people to only run the Online Player if they want to currently hear you.

That said if anyone wants to follow someone else for a while, or control the sounds themselves, they can just leave your game… and then refollow again easily in the future when they need to again. That’s why the /cp/ remembers your friends (people who have followed you before etc).

Sense makes?


Is there any news about it? The post is from January 2019 and I also have two different groups: one from D&D and one from Cthulhu.

It would sure be nice to have the ability to save different games so you don’t have to unlink/relink every single time.

We have a Monday night game with one GM and an every-other-Wednesday game with a different one. Would sure be nice to be able to just set it up with a per-game token and switch back and forth as needed.

I came here to ask this exact question. I’m running two games with two different groups as GM with my subscription and one of these alternates a week with one of my players for his game. He’s got his own subscription and his own game.

Is the only solution to leave and join each other’s games? Does that mean I need to setup new tokens each time?

I’d love to be able to setup a game for each night for my two parties and switch on the fly without having to leave my games.

Same with joining my buddy’s game. I’d have to leave my own game to do that right? What happens to the people in my original game? Would they all get kicked out?

I love this online beta tool, but the multi-game aspect needs some work / more thinking behind it (unless I’m missing something).

I agree as well. Please add this!

It does not even have to be a full multiple game setup, a simple on/off switch per player would suffice.

It would be a bit embarrassing if someone in the other group suddenly would start to get sounds played on a device where it was left on.

Though… there IS some fun potential here… :smiley:

But seriously, yes, your idea is good… an OFF switch next to your Player’s name in the GM control panel… so you don’t have to boot them from your game.

Though… this does introduce an ADDITION point of failure for your Players not hearing your sounds… hmmm…

so you’re saying that if we run a game and are in a game we have to rejoin and leave games every week to change who runs the soundboard?

Any chance this is on the list of updates? Seems like an problematic mechanic lack of functionality.

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Where would the point of failure be? Seems like it would be a point of GM control. Even making a tab where you can select the campaign would be an improvement. Being able to move back and forth between games would improve the functionality of the app.

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It doesn’t sound like this would introduce an additional point of failure.

More so, it would introduce more GM control over who hears what and when they are intended to hear it.

Instead, being able to put groups of players/minions into separate labeled folders that the GM could enable with a selection would allow GMs to run multiple games while selecting which party of players would be active at any given point in time. This would be the simplest fix I could think of.

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This would be extremely useful. We’re just starting to use the Online Player rather than Voicemeeter + Discord, and as it stands I’ll have to drop players and re-invite them from week to week.

Hey @ariencrossby,

Two things here:

  1. I don’t bother dropping players who aren’t playing in this session. Worst case senario they start up the player and secretly hear what’s going in the session that isn’t theirs?

  2. We are working on a PRETTY sweeeet much better way of managing games/connecting to the sounds right now… more to report soooon… hopefully! But not yet… :smiley: