Multiple Duplicate Copies of Global One Shots

The Screenshot shows the state of things. This has gotten worse over time but it’s to the point that there are like five duplicate copies of all of the global one shots on every soundset and it’s so bad my custom sound sets for my sessions won’t properly process for download. It’s crazy and extremely frustrating.

Only semi-related: the fact that I can’t fix this myself by removing global one shots that I don’t want is infuriating. This one feature has me questioning whether I want to continue using Syrinscape.


I think I’ve already replied to a duplicate on our support email, is that right, @hilerga? Have you seen my response there?

Should be an easy fix. :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure you’ve just duplicated official content that had Global OneShots and need to delete your dupes or uncheck “Show in global OneShots” on the OneShots you don’t want to be showing in Globals.

Happy to help out here OR on support email, if you need some help getting that done.