Multiple DM License

TL:DR Is there a multiple seat option for the SuperSyrin Subscription, and account specific edit permissions for campaigns?
For context, I run a west marches, persistent world campaign online, using a combination of Discord, World Anvil, DnD Beyond, and Foundry VTT. We have a DM team, comprised of 3-5 active DMs, with a few other individuals contributing art, adventure prep work, and world building. We have roughly 40 members (although that number is seemingly ever increasing), in varying levels of participation, who play in the world. Having the ability to make multiple locations, adventures, and encounters moods/SoundSets is incredibly attractive proposition.
If I understand the system correctly, I can share links to custom campaigns. However, is there a way to allow “edit” privileges to certain accounts, and is there some form of “seat system” so other DM’s can use the campaigns. Otherwise, it seems we would have to buy 3-4 SuperSyrin Subs, and reshare any campaigns whenever changes were made.
I am sure my situation is a very strange and unique one, but if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it!

No, a subscription is designed for one GM. You can host multiple game sessions, but only run the one at any one time (though with the Fantasy Player you can have up to three devices running at once).

The account holder has access to all of the content allowed on that account, so there is no way to allocate permissions for other people to be able to edit SoundSets etc.