MS surface compatability

Does this player just not work well on a MS surface? I have included a snipped screenshot. cannot see the bottom of the program where the setting button or volume sliders are located, the text and icons are so small there is no way to read them easily on the fly, and the max, min and close buttons do not work. I do not want to have a full laptop at the table when I run a game, that is why I am using the surface.

Thanks in advance.

R. Pelham

You can change the scaling size in the settings (cog) menu.

Hmmm… It looks like it’s maximised… can you RESTORE…? and make the window smaller so you can see all of the interface.

Perhaps this is already resolved, but FWIW, the icons at the top of the screenshot from rplollar indicate that the window is not actually “maximized”, which would explain why the Syrinscape window seems to go off the bottom of the screen.

When a windows is properly maximized, the icon will show two squares - one in front of the other…

Hoping this image helps…


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