Mouse issues in the Desktop app

Hi. I have recently changed to a new laptop (Surface Pro 6) having come from a Surface Pro 3. I mainly use the desktop app simply for ease of use on the fly. I previously had an issue with my mouse. I can use it to scroll the list of sound sets. I can use it to queue a sound set to download. I can use it to trigger One shots, start moods and elements. However, when i try to select a new sound set to play, although the mouse can scroll down the list, and the sound set title writing changes to white when i hover over it, clicking the left mouse button fails to launch the sound set. I can however touch the screen and start it this way. This behaviour is also happening on the new laptop. It seems to work for a bit, then doesn’t.
Any ideas?

This isn’t an issue that anybody else has reported to us so it sounds like it might be something specific to your set up or mouse. Have you checked your mouse settings to see if there is anything there that might be the cause?

Are there any other Surface Pro users here that have experienced a similar issue?

Hi Steve,

thank you for your response.

I’ve been using Syrinscape a lot recently, slowly downloading the sound sets to my new PC and it hasn’t popped up again, except just now.

What seems to happen is if I leave my PC with Syrinscape open for some time, say an hour or more, the issue resurfaces when I come back to it.
All elements in the app work, except the sound set list on the left. I can still scroll up and down the list, and sound set titles change to white when I hover over them. However I cannot click them with the mouse. Using the touchscreen to do so still works.
I restarted Syrinscape when I noticed it and all is back to normal again. Everything else on my PC works with the mouse even if I walk away and leave it for a while, so I’m guessing it’s definitely something on your side. It’s not a deal breaker though if all i have to do is restart Syrinscape, but of course I’m curious what is causing this behaviour.