More than one game

Hello there, I am currently running DotMM and the sounds are fantastic.

However, I have started a second DotMM campaign, and one of the players plays in another game that uses Syrinscape online player.

Usually my original party just stay in MY GAME and then when we start a session they load up their PLAYER and then we just get on with it.

However this player who is already in another game has told me that they can’t be in more than one game at a time. And when she left my game to play in another game, she could not find a way to leave one game and join another.

Do I just leave her in CONTACTS and then just before my game session, invite her in to my game every time then move her out of may game at the end of the session?

Hope that makes sense.

That’s right. You can remove her and then reinvite her, or she can click “Leave Game” on the Control Panel and then when you play again she can click “Join their game” against your name in her list of contacts.

You can only be in one game at a time but can switch between an unlimited number of games.

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How odd, she said to me that there was no option to rejoin my game. So she copied and saved the join my game link I sent her originally.

We use discord and a couple of us DM on different games. On the channels, we pin a message of the invite code, and then all a player needs is to open their player then click that code. The player will put them in that session.

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It should be in her Control Panel to leave and join games. Any games she’s joined previously should go into a section in the control panel called “My Contacts”. She can access her control panel from the Syrinscape website in the Syrinscape Online dropdown menu.

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Thank you very much for all your help. :slight_smile: