More sound board buttons?

I tried searching… but on an app dedicated to sounds that also has a “board game” app searching didn’t yield anything like I wanted when I searched for “sound board”.

I just purchased the Rise of the Runelords pack and also have the two free sound packs (Bugbear Battle and Witchwood). Are there any packs that expand the generic sound board to include more sounds. I’m thinking things like Arrow hits Stone (there’s already “Arrow in wood” and “Arrow in flesh”) or Sword hits shield (so right now there’s “sword swoosh” and “sword clash” (which is swoosh to metal), but something like “swoosh to wood”).

Is there any way to move specific sound board buttons to the “generic sound board”? i.e. in “BO Catacombs of Wrath” there’s an “Acid Breath” button. Can I somehow add that to “Custom Moods” so that I can have easy access to it when I make custom combinations?

p.s. In case it’s not obvious, I’m talking about the buttons that play one-off sounds, not the looping sliders.

Hi @dmrickey, the oneshots are preset and are linked to certain soundsets, so for example if you installed “Modern Weapons” you would gain access to a series of new generic oneshots that you can use at anytime. Being able to alter the oneshots from within the player is not something currently available although it is on the list of things that people have asked us to add in so it’s certainly a feature we will be looking at some point in the future.

If you have access to the creator however you can completely create your own soundsets and build into that any of the oneshots that you want to use or even create your own :smile:

I hope that makes sense?

Is access to the creator something that’s only available via a subscription, or is it something available after any purchase? At this point I’ve only bought the RotRL super pack and don’t have any of the different subscriptions. Does the creator allow alterations to existing oneshots?

p.s. I was trying to look through the packs and see what’s available, but it looks like all of the “oneshots” (as it looks like that’s what you’re calling what I was referring to) are mixed in one column with all of the “looping sounds” as “moods”. It would be nice if those were separate so someone looking can know which are which.

Yes anybody who takes out a Supersyrin subscription unlocks all of the content of all three players and gets access to the Syrinscape Creator. Additionally you get to keep any of the new releases that come out whilst you are subscribing, so it works out a lot cheaper than buying all of the sets individually!

The best way to see what’s in each pack before you buy them is to actually check out the YouTube videos, Ben goes through details of all of the contents of the soundsets and talks about the moods and oneshots for each set he release. There certainly worth a watch to help you decide :smile:

Thanks @Steve

Don’t forget, @dmrickey, that you can also unlock absolutely everything (including access to the Creator) with a 30 day trial subscription here:

That way you could have a big search through all the options and try the customization options available with the Creator.

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