More search functionality, in more places


After only one day subbed, I have to say, the most difficult aspect of managing sounds has been trying to find sets I’m looking for, even simply by name. A search bar over soundsets in the creator would be a miracle. If they were listed alphabetically, this would also be less of a problem. I think they’re listed chronologically, by creation date? That’s really just a guess. It’s an enormous list. And being able to search by name or by name of included sounds, as in the right hand panel, even better.


For the record, IF you use Fantasy Grounds with Syrinscape there is an FG Module (Library) that has all the Moods and 1-Shots listed in a series of searchable lists, along with pre-made SoundLinks for use with Fantasy grounds / DOE:Sound Extension.

Look for the DOM Soundlink library on DM’s Guild if you’re interested.


The next iteration of the creator will have a direct server connection and you will have a much better search function available. :wink:
In the meantime you could just use the browser search function, it’s a solid workaround for now.


Yeah it took a while for me to realise, but browser search does work. :slight_smile:

Will there be a method for searching through all soundsets for elements, such as “I’m looking for a soundset with ‘creepy’ in an element”?

If not, that’s fine. It just would be nice.


As far as I known it will use the same search mechanism as the online player. So when you type in a search phrase it lists every item in the data base and which type it is of (element, mood, soundset…).


Yes in theory samples will have much better tagging so the search engine won’t just pull up key words but will also pull up tags, however we already have over 100,000 samples in the server so obviously going through them all and tagging them is going to take a loooooong time.

So I think it’s fair to say that a new and better search function will be coming soon, which will make things much easier to find. but the process of updating tags on older samples will take longer.


This is sounding really cool.

Those 100,000 samples are pretty unwieldy, and is becoming a real sticking point, so this is great to hear.


Another post suggested the ability for users to add tags- maybe there could be a system of tag priority, where “official” tags take precedent, but “community” tags are also recognized? That’d lessen the weight- and the wait. :smiley: