More problems with sound volume levels in Online, this time an unmodified soundset - FIXED


Soundset Elven Vale Night, mood is Around The Campfire. The sounds from the Campfire element are massively louder in the Online player compared to the other elements. Instead of the snaps and crackles of a campfire it sounds like gunfire or someone smashing boulders in a cave (lots of reverb) This is a completely unmodified, stock Syrinscape soundset & sound sample.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Individual sound elements coming through the Online player way, way louder than they should?


I’ve just done a little test with the Creator, creating and uploading an edited copy of the Elven Vale Night soundset with the reverb removed, when this is played through the Online player, the campfire sounds like a campfire again, instead of the gunshots/boulder smashing from before. So it definitely looks like the volume problem I’m experiencing is tied to the reverb effects somehow.



We got this one fixed.

Playback was not respecting “ElementInitialVolume”