More Forests, and other basic ambiances?


Some of the most useful soundsets, I’ve found, are the basic stuff, just done well, and in variety.

In particular, as PCs travel through various types of countryside, it’d be nice to have that ambiance playing. Swamps, mountaintops, and jungles are covered, but general countryside (a settled area) aren’t particularly.

For forests, in all the soundsets there are only Witchwood and Elven Vale Night and Day. (There is also a “Forest Day” and “Forest Night” in “Classic Adventure.”)

But the sound elements in these overlap, or sound like they do quite a bit–so we end up having a forest that sounds quite same-y and using wagon journey for general travel.

Same limitation crops up for sounds of thunder.

Rain is an example of what I’m asking for done well–the Elements - Rain soundset has nice variance.

What’d be fantastic would be some more of these heavily-used soundsets in greater variety. Personally, I’d use those much, much more than the complete adventure soundsets put out for Pathfinder and D&D.

Thanks for your consideration.


Don’t worry. I feel the same.
Let me introduce myself. I’m the latest edition to the team and I have been adding some new sounds to the “scape” so that every forest, cave and castle are not your typical “scape” ones. To show an example, check out the new Lost Mines Of Phandelver. Not every sound is new, but most of them are…Enjoy


Also, to add a little “suburb” to your travel, you could use Farmland instead of Forest (which has domestic animal sounds for a hint of civilization) or turn on a few elements from Brindle Town, such as “passing by”, which has various sounds that come and go, which is perfect for traveling down a road and occasionally seeing other travelers, in addition to your forest. You could also occasionally turn on or off water sounds from River Journey (for going by a stream), various winds (from Elements - Winds) for going through a valley or clear area which has a stronger breeze, etc. Even turning on a “creaking trees element” from Jungle or Storm could add to the feel of being surrounded by forest giants swaying in the breeze.


Thanks, I’ve taken your advice, HECook.

ominousbarry, glad to hear of the new sounds. Much appreciated!