More device not blessed issues - RESOLVED


Trying to get a new laptop to run Syrinscape but just keeps telling me I need to bless this device.


go main page and look at syrinscape online beta and under control panal @stlakerb


Sorry, wasn’t clear, but since about a quarter of the last 12 posts in support have been about this, there’s clearly an issue.

I have blessed this device/unblessed others, but it is still giving me the same message.

I need somebody Syrinscape’s end to look at it.


Heya @stalkerb,

I reset your account. have a look now! Working now? :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you.

Not planning on activating any more devices currently but anything I should do in future if it happens?


A pop-up screen should automatically appear when you try to bless a 4th device, allowing you to unbless one of your previous ones. If it doesn’t happen (which can happen for many different reasons, such as pop-up blockers) then drop us an email at support and either Ben or myself can sort it out straight away for you :slight_smile:


You can also always go directly to to see your list of blessed devices, and unbless any of them at any time.


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