More Blessings?


Hey @benjamin,

Is it possible that we could get more number of devices to bless. Now I doubt I’m an unique case, but others might be able to relate. I have a pair of cheap tablets I bought from Wal-Mart. One for the D&D game I run on one day of the week (fantasy tablet) and another for the Stars Without Number game (sci-fi tablet) for another night. Now since Syrinscape and it’s file system can’t be installed/moved on an external card such as an SD card, I do this so I have a lot more room for all of the soundsets I want available at a given time on each tablet.

I also have my PC at home that I use for creating either soundsets that need to be uploaded to the cloud so I can then download to my device(s) or quickly creating custom sets that I then recreate on my tablets since it’s quicker for my PC to bounce between all the soundsets than my tablets. (create on PC and then have the exact sets I need to jump to to recreate on tablet)

But more recently I’ve been finding time away from home and I was looking to set this up on my Laptop or possibly my work computer (for Lunch break stuff) and I wanted to know if it’s possible if you could up the number of blessed devices? Like I said before I may be an odd ball in the grand populace that is your user base, but I imagine there are still some like me with multiple devices serving different needs and purposes. This 4th device could even be my phone in the event one of those tablets’ battery dies.

I realize that all I need to do is unbless/bless a device, but the last couple of times I had to do that it took half of the game session before it realized it had been re-blessed after unblessing it so I could bless my work PC to set up some sound sets for that night’s session.

If this isn’t an available option I understand, but I would love to at least get one or two more blessing slots as a Super Syrinscape user. Maybe this could be a feature for a family of DMs or maybe you create like a “DM Family and Friends” fee that gives you an extra one or two devices for a few bucks a month so more devices could be added (sort of like a kid running games for his friends, he doesn’t need tablet tablet Dad uses to run the family game, etc etc).


I had similar issue. Especially since I am using Tablet, PC, Notebook and Macbook sometimes. And the problem is also with constantly changing configuration that changes some ID in windows. So I am using really lots of USB connected stuff (speakers, virtual cables, mixers, mics, hubs, gaming stuff and so on…) and I change it a lot. So lots of times I have to “bless the device” because the ID has changed.

The only solution I was able to think of so far is to simply set up a virtual machine with Syrinscape running all the time and put it into sleep until the next game. That may work and fix my issue.