Moods randomly stop playing [RESOLVED]

I’ve been running a Descent into Avernus campaign on Fantasy grounds for the last few months. (The wip soundsets created for it are fantastic so far! My only critique would be to raise the volume of the dialogue oneshots about 2x)

My issue: the last three sessions I’ve seen a drastic increase in the current mood I’m playing stopping itself without any interaction from me and leaving only a wind noise playing through everyone’s player until I ‘play’ the mood again.

This happened 3-4 times in the span of 5 minutes during our last session. Its somewhat anticlimactic to have your combat music stop randomly mid fight multiple times.

I have had absolutely no luck pinpointing a cause to this. It can randomly happen while I’m not even moving my mouse which leads me to believe its an issue with the online service itself and not any user based bug.

Switching servers has not solved the issue. It seemed to have no effect.

Of note I am using the Fantasy Grounds integration mod to play spell effects and damage oneshots automatically. I’ve only used the pre-configured extensions thus far. Perhaps if this bug is unique to me and other FG extension users there is a bug in the extension.

Are any of your players using “second wind” by any chance? If so then I suspect that the chat triggers may be activating the wind sound. I’ve noticed myself that sometimes the chat triggers will activate a mood if something you are trying is set up as a trigger. Just alter the default triggers and see if that fixes it

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I recently updated the triggers module on DMsGuild to take out those environment ones. I found in practice that they were not really helpful and often would play when you didnt want them to. The current version of the triggers module should only have one-shots which shouldnt interrupt your running moods


Thanks for the replies, I’ll check out both of these and update if it fixes things.

I do have some second winds going off, so that might explain the mood changing.

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