Moods don't play immediately through webplayer

Hi there,

I’ve returned to Syrinscape after being gone for a while, and the in-browser web player is now a thing!
I’ve been fiddling with it for some time now, new campaign so new moods to be made, and I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, but there seems to be such a long delay in its reactions.
E.g. I click “travel neutral” and although the bar around the mood starts moving as if it is playing, no sound is actually happening. It took a good minute for the mood to finally actually start playing. After this initial “loading time”, it plays smoothly whenever clicked.
Thinking it might be just this one mood, I clicked another but again, no sound played even though the bar appeared to be moving. Wondering if the mood was at fault, I clicked stop, then play on another mood again. Still no sound. A full minute later, everything seems to have finally caught up and both start playing at the same time.

Is this normal when using the web player for the very first time? Am I, being new to the web player, missing something incredibly obvious?

Internet connection and computer are all very decent and fast, and didn’t have any issues with the desktop online player, so I’m trying to figure out where my issue lies.

Thanks in advance folk!

Hey all,
Happy to report that everything seems to be working today. Tried two different devices. Not sure if this turned out to be a cache issue, server issue, or internet on my side, but it seems to have resolved itself!


Yes, the very first time that you play something through the Web Player or Online Player there will be a very slight delay, but once the element has cached you shouldn’t notice it again. You would normally only ever notice it on oneshots, as the moods themselves are normally playing lots of different sounds with different timings anyway.

The delay should be very, very short, but yes things like server issues, internet issues or even the time of day can all play a part in adding to that.

The main thing is that it’s all working for you now! And thanks for letting us know :grin:

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