Mood has repeat option?

So, I am aware you can make elements repeat themselves when you assign them to a mood, & playing them they will repeat on their own without need to cue them, they will start off synchronize but if any elements have different timings the sync is lost on sequential play.

My question is more along the lines of having 2 or more elements that play in sync when the mood is started but allowed to run their length then have the entire mood restart again in sync with all the accompanying elements after the last has completed its run. The benefits of dropping elements out or adjusting sound levels from a mixture of multiple elements is a bountiful one. Is this possible or am I going to be stuck playing audio engineer with the music files?

Are these your own custom sounds or ones provided by syrinscape? Do you have a supersyrin subscription?

If they are syrinscape sounds you would have to find the length (given in the sample info in seconds) and then give everything a varying delay so they all start again at the same time.

If they are your sounds make them all the same length by adding silence behind them and then they can all have the same delay to start over again and sync up.

The main use of the soundsets are to have evolving atmospheres where sounds trigger at random times to feel more natural but it’s not for everything. I’ve been trying to get a modular song to work so it constantly plays but uses different parts of the song each time. Like syrinscape radio but in a soundset.

Yes these are elements from outside the Syrinscape environment. I am a super Syrinscape subscriber for years now. & yes I also came to the same conclusion I most likely would have to add elements of silence behind element sample tracks to make sure they all sync up.

Do you have a suggestion of what software I could use to accomplish this goal of adding silence to MP3 audio so I would get the desired effects?

The easiest way I know would be to use a free software like garageband or something like soundstation studio for windows. Upload your mp3 and then export a new mp3 with the desired length. With nothing recorded behind it the software should automatically export with silence behind your audio for till the desired length.

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There is another way to do this, if I understood it correctly, without adding silent samples or tempering with the actual samples. I will write something up tomorrow. :wink:

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NOTE: Syrinscape retains sync BETTER if you “Count delay from sample start” rather than counting from the end of playback.

The first ignore cumulative errors the second lets them build up.

Sense makes?

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Yes Benjamin, it does make sense… here is my conundrum, my first sample element is around 169.0 seconds & the second sample element is 166.2 seconds. I can hear the .2 second miss when I play them together once it repeats the first time. Which is why I was wondering if there was a way to have a mood set to replay all elements in sync at the start after all the elements in the sync had played to their conclusion instead of each element independently repeating at it’s conclusion?

Otherwise it looks like I will be doctoring up some of these samples the best way I can LOL.

Looks like @benjamin beat me to it. I would have suggested the same, “count delay from sample start” would be your best bet.

Let’s say you have five elements in a mood, the longest is (like in your example) 169 seconds, the shortest 130 seconds. By checking the “count delay…” box and setting the time to that of the longest element (you have to set this for every element being part of the mood) it is ensured that all elements of the mood start at the same time over and over.
This gets a bit more complicated when you have more than one sample in one element, but basically the system is the same.


Thank you all for the input. If the element samples were just in exact seconds, this would not be a problem to resolve. However, having those decimals after the whole number actually still has a poor influence on how the sync happens in subsequent play through if I have it set to repeat after clearing the sample playlist.

Hmmm, that shouldn’t be the case when you set the duration to the time of the longest element. :thinking: Basically that setting starts all elements again after a given time, so you get a “fresh” start of all the elements.

Mysterious. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I must be missing that part of where to set the duration to the longest element of the mood set. That would be the work around I need.

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Check the property inspector here and set the value to that of the longest element/sample…


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Yes, I am blind & a tad stupid. This is the area I needed to look at. Thank you.

Also, tried this several different ways & for some reason I am not getting the desired result. It will be easiest to just make all the elements the same length for a particular mood. The labor is with music that can be combined together during the start, synchronized… have different end times. I tried these solutions & for some reason I am getting all kinds of weirdness happening while playing the mood sets back. So for now, I am just going to find a way to add the silence after, matching the longest element of the two to three element score. I enjoy being able to drop certain elements out of the song to add different feelings to the moods. So thank you all for helping me through this.