Mood Element - what does it do?


So I’ve taken my first steps in playing with the creator and have several moods setup in a new sound set for my use in this coming weekends battle. I’ve not uploaded it yet so I can download it on my laptop - but I’m sure that’ll work fine.

One piece I’ve run across in the creator that I don’t understand is the “Mood Element” portion of the Property Inspector tab. What does it do and how do you use it?


Think I got it…looks like the checkmark simply decides what elements start at what volume when you activate a mood. I was using the SET MOOD TO CURRENT STATE button to include elements - but this is apparently another way.


You are absolutely right. You can either set all currently playing elements to start with a selected mood with the “set mood to current state button” or:
You can activate a mood by clicking on it and then go to each element you want to have in it and mark the checkbox in the mood element section. Helpful tip - you can adjust the playback volume of an element differently for every mood it should play in. You want to have owl hoots far away? Set the volume really low for one mood. You want to stand next to the owls? Set the volume to max for another mood.

I hope this makes sense and is helpful. :slight_smile:


It does! Thank you, new_vision!