@mods New user, can you please set my globals?


Hey guys! Loving the software. I saw a post that said just ask if you want globals set. I uploaded my soundset BASE PARTY SET that has all my players oneshot sig moves. I’m having my first DM session in two days and would love if I could have this up. Thanks!


Done! Let me know if you have any probs with that.


AND most, importantly… THANKS for your support as a sub!


Great turnaround on this! I really appreciate it.

Question. The volume seems to be reset, rendering them a bit too loud
Found the answer to this! little volume bar below the globals.

Sorry, but second question
. Am I able to make changes to the set and have them reflected in-app?

And my pleasure. What a wonderful service.


atm to get changes up, you upload a new version of the SoundSet and then delete the old one. In which case atm I’d have to make them Global again…

BUT… we are very close to turning the Creator features on direct on our server… so that’ll fix that prob. :slight_smile:

But, for the moment, you will still need help from me, for this one feature.