Modern Passenger Train & Crash?

I’m prepping a Dread game that will feature the players riding a modern passenger train that will crash as part of the events. I’ve found a few bits and pieces for most of the adventure, but I’m missing the sound of wheels on tracks, ambient noise in the passenger cars (that isn’t like old-timey diner cars on steam trains), events like doors opening or arriving at a station (not crucial but nice to have), and the big one of the brakes screeching and the eventual collision and crash.

I’ve tried searching the Fantasy and Sci-Fi offline players and the Online one as well and didn’t find much, and I also did a search of forum topics and didn’t see anyone else had one. I was hoping maybe one of you experienced folks could point me to something like this.


EDIT: Meant to add that I had looked at Steam Train to Salem on the scifi player, but the YouTube link didn’t seem to work - it just opened a folder on my computer. Some of the sounds might be useful but without hearing them it’s hard to tell.

Okay, so even though Steam Train to Salem is built for a Cthulhu game, it still has some of the more crucial elements, that being the continuous noise of being on a train, like “slow train”, “medium train”, etc. Those are the sounds of being on the tracks that you need. (It also has “frightened passengers” and whatnot when things start exploding.)

For the passenger cars in a more modern context, keep the train sounds going and then I’d add in sounds from Coffee House 2015 (happy rich murmuring, coffee talk male/female, even the musak background music if you like). Steam Train to Salem also has a “crowded carriage” element that’s fairly time-neutral as well.

Headed to Nairobi (from Masks of Nyarlathotep) has a battle on a train, which includes stressed metal element and an excellent explosion one-shot. I also like the “major impact” one-shot from Mech Battle for a crash. While Headed to Nairobi set and Steam Train to Salem both have a train stopping mood/one-shot, they are very much a steam train stopping, and don’t include the metal screeching typical of train brakes.

Alternatively to that, there are a number of sets in the Sci-Fi player that have metal scrapes as an element, such as Abandoned Space Station. Nebula has an element called “hull scrapes and vibration” which has some really good long high-pitched metallic sounds that may suit. And layered into that I have a possible off-the-wall suggestion: Swarm Attack has two elements, “ethereal creature screeches” and “more ethereal creature screeches”. Put those with the hull scrapes/metal scrapes and that might give you the sort of sounds you’re looking for.

(Though @Steve, could we get train brakes, please? At some point in the future? That’d be spiffy!)

For the doors, the Sci-Fi Player has the universal one-shot Airlock Door Open/Closed which sounds reasonably close to pneumatic doors on some trains.

For the station, I’d use Coffee House 2015 again, kicking up the “echoing happiness” very high to get the sense of space, and increasing the crowd noise.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Yep! I’ve actually been thinking about adding in some more modern trains along with lots of nice new train elements so this is a good reminder foe me :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @HECook , this is just what I was hoping for!