Mobile iOS Frustrations - RESOLVED


Hello, I’m very new to the community, but looking forward to getting to know everyone and the many uses for the wonderful Syrinscape. I’ve been trying to get started and overall its just been very frustrating. This goes across multiple Apple products from several generations.

5th Gen iPod Touch A1421: May 2013 A1421: October 2012
iPhone 6s MKT82LL/A
(edited: iPad Pro running smoothly now)

I wanted to use my iPod to run the app, but while trying to install the sound sets, it crashes about every 2-3 min. Some sound sets crash several times during install. This being the case, I thought maybe it would be more compatible on a newer device. No luck, having the same problem on both the phone and the iPad. I’m extremely concerned about this. At the moment, with the instability of install, I am worried about trying to use any of these during game sessions.


We hear you!

Syrinscape is less of a soundboard and more of a multi-mixer, in that it is often playing 20-30 samples at any one time and processing all of the randomisation and settings that go with those samples. That does mean that the current build of the App does work much better on newer iOS devices and not so well with the older generation devices, especially when Apple slows those devices down.

Both the iPod and iPhone 6 are no longer supported by Apple and don’t have the power to run Syrinscape properly. The iPad Pro should run it without any problems but again on the earlier versions you may run into memory issues with prolonged use. Closing down any other apps running in the background to help free up some processing power will definitely help

On the first few startups Syrinscape has a lot of extra downloads and syncing and stuff to do so be gentle with how much you try to download at first. It’s best to only download 3 or so SoundSets at a time, all this depends on your device memory etc.
Everyone who has had this problem has noticed it stop after a few starts of the app, so let us know if you experience the same

Another option is Syrinscape Online. If you have a more powerful computer somewhere in the house then you could run Syrinscape Online on that and then just use the mobile device to run the control interface and trigger your sounds. Check out HERE for more details

Aaaaaand WELCOME to the Syrinscape community, we hope you enjoy everything you HEAR!