Mix elements from different soundsets

Howdy. I would like to mix elements from multiple soundsets into a new soundset or mood. However, the online creator (currently using free version) always tells me I can’t save the elements because they are from a different soundset.

I do seem to be able to mix elements from different soundsets into custom moods from the fantasy player.

Ideally I would like to make custom soundsets/moods incorporating elements from various soundsets in the creator and then download to my mobile device for tabletop game.

Thanks for the help.

Both the Online and Genre players allow you to mix sounds from different soundsets for immediate play

In the Genre Players like the Fantasy Player you can then save your own custom moods to that device, which are meant as an easy way to save the state between games.

In the Online Player you can mix and match elements for immediate play. But With a Supersyrin Subscription you can also access the Creator side of the Syrinscape Online, which allows you to change setting like frequency, reverb, location etc and even add in your own samples. These are then saved in real-time and synced across to all of your devices. The Creator itself is a very powerful tool, it’s the same program that we use to build our content and it allows you to set up your soundsets exactly how you would like them :slight_smile:


Indeed in the Online Player (with no sub) you can save custom MOODs containing ELEMENTS from the local SoundSet, but to merge ELEMENTS from anywhere in Syrinscape’s content into a new SoundSet you’ll need the full power of a SuperSyrin subscription and all the creation features.