Missing you missing us!


Syrinscape is a company with a team that is spread literally all around the world. Sydney Australia, Derby UK, Seattle USA, Dortmund Germany, Mareuil-sur-Ay France just as a start. As well as a opportunity to hang out with our community, conventions are a chance for the team to come together, and game, and share a drink. My phone was kind enough to tell me today that I should be checking into my Birmingham hotel for UK Game Expo. It’s sad to be missing this great show, but least it makes me happy to know my team is safe and secure.

Syrinscape Team: for the moment we keep playing Online. Thank you Fantasy Grounds. Good thing we built that Syrinscape Online Player, huh?! :smiley:

Everyone else: Thank you! When you jump on Twitter or Facebook or our forums and say hello… you brighten my day!

Game on!


@new_vision showing someone the voice they recorded in our both the year before in an actual Syrinscape SoundSet for the first time! Love it!

Exploring castles and manor houses in the English countryside. Something I look forward to every year!

Some of @Steve’s AMAZING terrain and mini setups. This one from the game we play on the Monday after the show!

Ben’s very special dice! DO NOT TOUCH!