Minion connected to online master, but no sound


Hi folks - I’m running into an issue with the online player. All of my players, except for one, are up and running with their minions. One player is showing as connected to the game, but they can’t hear any sounds. All other sound on their machine (system noises, Spotify, Discord) are working fine.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance for your help!


There could be a few reasons for this, the main two being are they connected to your game and the volume. Make sure that they have accepted the invite to join your game. By default the App will have them as the games master so that they can hear sounds that they trigger. They will need to click the invite link and the App should then show your name or nickname.

Also make sure that they have the volume slider for the Online Player set to at least halfway and that in system preferences “volume mixer” they have Syrinscape turned up and unmuted.

Does that seem to make any difference?

This VIDEO might also help :slight_smile:


I also have the same problem minions can not here any audio. I tried by making a minion account on my android device, i see my minion is connected can not hear the audio playing from my game master account even though both online players show the minion account connected to the game master. Tried using this with my campaign last week all players who connected also could not hear audio on there devices.