Meters to Feet Option


Hey guys, I’m playing D&D, where everything is in feet. Please help my head from aching, and create a preference for all distance settings to be in feet and meters? :slight_smile:


@dorpond Good idea. I’ve created a ticket to track this issue. I can’t promise when we might implement it, but thanks for the suggestion!


OK, so what about those of us who:

  1. Play modern RPGs where things are in metric, and/or,
  2. The whole world’s population (baring the three countries which, against all logic and common-sense, insist on clinging to a measuring system that is 2-3 centuries behind the modern world) who use the modern, non-archaic metric system?

Those of use who are from the enlightened 99.9% of the world, when we want to play non-modern RPGs like DnD, PF, WFRP, etc, use our brains and lean the old Imperial System - surely people who play RPGs are smart enough to be able to convert back and forth - and FTR, 1 meter = 3 feet (or close enough to make no practicle difference for RPG purposes).

Wouldn’t it make sense to do things for the 99.9% and not the 0.1%? The USA is NOT the centre of the world, goegraphically, culturally, or in any other way - Americans’ egos not withstanding.

End Rant


@Dulux_Oz barring any unforeseen technical difficulties (which I don’t anticipate), I don’t see any reason why we can’t have an option to do the conversion automatically. Especially given that a large percentage of users hail from the US (many orders of magnitude more than 0.1%), and D&D is vastly popular.


Fair enough - as long as we can have both options I’m OK with things - I’m just sick and tired of being forced to cater to something that should have died a natural death over 100 years ago (OK, over 60 years ago - before I was born, anyway) :slight_smile:

End Rant


No fear, @Dulux_Oz, that was why I suggested a preference, as in preference setting, so that users from all corners of the world, can set it to whatever they want it to be. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestion @dorpond. Keep them coming! :slight_smile: It is SO great to have you thinking about this all, especially as a new user. Challenging our assumptions is VERY useful!