Mess with soundset creator

Since recently, when i use the soundset creator, i can’t see which elements are played (none of the elements token are blue when i select a mood) and the stop button goes randomly gray, preventing me from stopping the sound.

I tried with edge and firefox, same issue.

Seriously i do not frequently use the creator but it’s seems to be messier and buggier everytime i use it … I just want to do quick modification like importing new music sample (can’t find the function anymore, by the way …) and i’m beginning to be pissed off by the complexity and clunky interface of the tool …


We can sort you out. :octopus: We use these tools everyday to create ALL the content you hear in Syrinscape, so know it IS working as intended (at least for us) right now.

As step number one, wanna send us a screenshot of what you are using to edit and how you are hearing the sounds… just to check you have the right setup to start with. Perhaps you are mixing up Online Player, Master UI, Web Player…?


First sorry for the epidermic reaction. Struggling to do simple things on any tool can be tremendously frustrating.

Here is what i see when i play any mood : Stop button grayed out, and elements not being highlighted, can’t see which one is played.

Also, when i click an element, they don’t play/stop

No prob at all. :slight_smile:

Clarifying question.

What URL are you at there? (needs the Online Player app to be running to make sound) (
OR (sounds comes straight out of the browser) (

I thiiiiiink this may be the issue. :pizza: :hammer:

I am at

Strangely, from my personal computer, i am the gamemaster. But i connected from work and i was connected to one of my player as gamemaster ?

Anyway, i left his session, got back the master interface, and see if thinks works fine at home.


So note:
If you are running from you’ll need to be running the Online Player app to hear sound and get feedback about what is playing in the interface.

If you are from _ the sound will come straight out of the browser without running anything extra.


Yup since, i disconnected from my friend, everythink work fine.

Strange i can simultaneously be considered as a player and a master

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