Medieval Weapon Soundset


There are a handful of sounds for thwacks and twings and staff hits I’ve found. But one-shot sword sounds, great-axe, warhammer, mace, etc are lacking or I haven’t found anything appropriate.

It would be nice to have a soundset for medieval melee and ranged weapon sound effects.


Have you checked out Fighter - Male (Valeros), Rogue - Female (Merisiel), Wizard Spells (Ezran), and Cleric Spells (Kyra)? Those have longsword, shortsword, bow, rapier, dagger (melee and thrown), scimitar, and staff. They also have sounds for robes and chainmail, as well as walking and running in robes or armor, sounds for exertion, lock-picking, scrolls, climbing, etc.


Thank you,

Is there anything appropriate for the heavier weapons?: Mace / Great Sword / Great Axe/ War Hammer, etc?


Something that may be of use is from Stone Giant Battle, the “giant slam attack”, as that is a big “wham” sound. Giant Rat Battle also has a “slam” one shot. Could be a good war hammer or mace. In Pinnacle of Avarice and Eye of Avarice there is a “giant sword clashes” element that sounds nicely big for a great sword or great axe. If you want a sound of what happens to something fleshy when hit with such a weapon, I suggest Ooze Battle’s “ooze dividing” element. Never fails to make my players go, “Ew” or “Awesome!” depending on their temperaments.


ooh! Thanks, the giant and rat soundsets have great effects for the heavier weapons. Now, if only they were all one-shots. :slight_smile:


That’s the advantage of Syrinscape Online and the Creator :grin:

You can take any of the sounds and turn them into one-shots, you can even make them into global one-shots so you always have them to hand!


ok, I see … I’ll have to look into that.


It is an advantage, but can also be a minor drawback. My case may be very specific, but I make a triggers module for my FG extension. I pre-create all the triggers and tie them to sounds to play. One-shots work great, but looping sounds like SFX and Music get annoying very quickly. I can easily use the soundset creator to make my own one-shots of them, but they would only work for me. I cant distribute my triggers module using them because they just wouldnt play for anyone else.


That’s exactly what Community Content is for! Build it and share it. Then everyone with a Supersyrin can use them


Oh awesome, so if I build out a soundset specifically for my triggers module, I can submit it to be included as a community module? That would make it easier on me.


Yep, as long as it meets the guidelines (no copyright, adds to Syrinscape etc etc) then we will happily publish the soundset to share. Once published it will have its own set of URI’s just like any of our official sets. So you could build a set specifically to use with your extension :grin:

That’s actually what I do for the team game. Build a soundset and then update the CVS so I can trigger them in FG through your extension



If you havent tried it, I made a better way to get your links into FG than the CSV importer process. You just download your CSV file and use this web converter. you get a custom FG module with whatever sounds are in your CSV file.


Great thanks! I shall give it a try.


Weapon “one shots” would be a most welcome addition as I use them for FG too.