Master/Minion Search Request


Hoping I can put the request here, I would love to see the Search expanded from just topic search to include also object search.

For instance if I type music, it does not only bring up the soundset with the word “goblin” in it but also all the soundsets with the Elements that have “goblin” in it. Just like the app version.

What would be even greater is that the Elements reflect the search as well, until you click on a soundset

Yeah I know this could bring up a huge number of elements, but it make the search a much more powerful tool to find sounds quickly.


We are always looking at new ways to improve the search function so I can tell you that this is all on our wishlist and definitely something we are planning to implement in the future :slight_smile:


Like this?!?!

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LOL yeah like that LOL well done


he he… this has been in the works for a month and in testing for the last week.

No really, I coded that JUST THEN in response to your post! :smiley:

One of the BEST things about Syrinscape Online (formally known as Master/Minion) is that we will be able to rollout/test/play with new ways of presenting/searching/organising sounds with quite a lot of ease, because the UI is delivered by our server, not as an exe that people need to install/update. Cool, huh?! :slight_smile:


I am also in IT so I fully get why web can be better. What let web stuff down in some case is the responsiveness compared to an app. So far it responds very well, so I give your online version a big tick. Keep up the great work Benjamin, you doing great things.


Thanks @adam… yes speed of response is a continuing challenge…

Even just getting across oceans creates a real latency, so we’ll probably have to look at serving from several locations on the globe, to give everybody a good experience. Fortunately with the Amazon Cloud Hosting, this is REALLY easy to do.

That said… our current problem, which is blocking our latest changes getting deployed from staging (test) to Production is a massive 10 second delay that is making everybody wait on just SOME random actions…

…where’s my HAMMER!!! :smiley:

That said, having Campaigns in there is great… and the SEARCH function is AMAZING!!!