Master/Minion player is not working at all - FIXED


I am trying to prepare for the game tomorrow, but both master and minion players are down for me. When I try to run the master player, it is completely empty. Same with minion player. The page for the master / minion player is also down: - it is giving me the “Sorry, something went wrong”. I sure hope it will come back by tomorrow night? Or is it just gone for good?


Hmmm… working for me. The website AND the app…

Try again?


OK. No I see it.

It seems to be visible ONLY to staff accounts!


nope, still not working.


We’ll take a look right now.



I blame goblins!!! :-/


Thank you for looking into it!



OK. Try now! :slight_smile:


Yes! It works! Thank you so much <3


Yay! THANKS SO MUCH for the heads up on that one. :smiley:

All a part of making the server faster and faster and less likely to jam up under the stupidly massive growth we are experiencing right now. :hammer:

It was a very easy fix too.

Don’t hesitate to let us know STRAIGHT away again, if you see any bumps.
(apart from the current occasional crashes which are a built in part of the Online Player at the moment until we get to it (next month)). :pill:


oh no… now the soundset creator is not working


Yeah… we are looking at that now too! :-/


(same thing basically)


Could you elaborate on how it is not working? I was able to use the creator to download, play, edit and upload a soundset.

Uploaded soundsets won’t actually import at the moment. Still working on that.


Sorry folks, forgot to respond. It sorted itself out, I think it was just my local issue.


Hi, I previously had to pipe in syrinscape with an additional discord client, vb-audio cables A+B and VoiceMeeter Banana and when sounds are triggered in fantasy grounds (VTT) they play sounds through Syrinscape Fantasy Player.

I’m hoping to bypass all that hoop jumping with Syrinscape Online Player but while I have both players running and a sound is triggered, I expected it to be played on the clients end. I have Syrinscape Creator sub and I’m setup as the Game Master in Syrinscape Online Player and the clients are connected via the invite link. The client does not hear anything.

I tried playing anything directly from the Syrinscape Control Panel, I do not hear it, and my players do not hear it. It does change the image in SOP indicating a soundset should be playing.


Hi @mlesnewski

Are you Players getting amplitude info in the Players (dancing bars)?

Are YOU running an Online player for yourself?


Yes, I have both Syrinscape Fantasy Player (local) and Syrinscape Online Player (cloud) running. I saw the dancing bars and image of the soundset being “played” but neither the client (player) nor the master (me) could hear any sounds being played from SOP. I could hear triggered sounds from the VTT being played locally which used SFP.

I will ask them if they can see ‘dancing bars’ while testing tomorrow. Queston - Are sounds only playable when manually played from the Control Panel web page? Is the client required to just have an account (no sub) and have the SOP installed and connected to the host (Game Master)? Or must they also have a subscription and own all of the soundsets being played? If so, do they need to have both the online player and the local player running at the same time or just the online one? Thanks in advance Ben, love your product!

– edit
It seems that I needed to start the SOP after setting my default output device to VB-Audio Cable to B just like with SFP and then back to VoiceMeeter Input & Output. Once having done that I can hear sounds played directly from the SOP-CP.

I suspect that it is indeed streaming on the client (player) side but required some juggling of their pc’s sound control panel (win10). They do not have any VB Audio products installed and should not need them, just the SOP. Correct?

—edit #2
Ok, I grabbed a couple of players to help me test SOP and the results were that the sounds from the game of Fantasy Grounds were only played in SFP (Syrinscape Fantasy Player) regardless if it was running or not at the time. Soundsets played in the Control Panel (CP) in the web browser DO play on everyone’s pc that is running SOP, including me the DM. Hopefully, SOP becomes the new standard and it may be that Dulux-Oz’s sound extension DOESound.ext just needs to point to SOP instead of SFP. I’ll try to reach out to him to inquire to see if its possible? Thanks Ben!


Fantasy Grounds Forums > Extensions > DOE:Sound

Q. {me} - Any hope of future integration with Syrinscape’s Online Player (Master/Minion)?
A. {dulux-oz} - Not until Syrinscape get the 3PI function working in master/minion…


So yes… next thing we are looking at! :slight_smile:

Hooooooooping to get this done before the end of the year.

Delay = big server change over to cope with huuuuge growth, now we are set up to scale easily and smoothly no matter what.

Prognosis = things have been really smooth on the server now for more than a week, so it looks like our bumpy times are coming to an end = we can move on to more fun stuff like building 3rd party integration for the Online Player.