Master/Minion Issue


I’ve been trying to use this and I mentioned this previously and with this feature coming out of beta, I was hoping it would be fixed. I downloaded the new Minion application, but when I log into the Master / Minion, this is where I have the problem. No matter which soundset I pick (or one shot or anything for that matter), I do not hear any sound. This is what I am doing:

1). Launch the Master/Minion application

2). The Syrinscape Online player is launched and I click the ‘broken paperclip’

3). This indicates that the device isn’t linked, lists a Device Pin number and a button to ‘Link the Device’. I click the button to link the device.

4). This launches a web page which lists Pin Code; Device UUID; Device Name and User Email. It also has a green button that states “Link Device”. I click the green button.

5). This brings me to the Master page it looks where it lists me as the game master; the minions in the game; my contacts; my preloaded soundsets along with the linked devices and the activity log. There is a button: “Go to Master Interface”. I click that button.

6). This launches the Syrinscape soundsets. It shows the names of the soundsets. I choose one (Bugbear Battle). It pulls up the listing for all the sounds found in that soundset. No matter which sound I click, in that set or any other set, I do not hear anything playing. This occurred at the end of the beta when I was beta testing and I mentioned that in another post: Report each bug you find as a separate topic. However, it was never resolved. The regular player works fine where I can hear it but this new online player is no longer letting me hear anything. I’m getting a bit frustrated as I basically cannot use this tool in my game for a good chunk of time now and I pre-paid significant time. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


what browser do you use? I use Chrome and I haven’t tested the latest version of M/M but I never had a problem with the old one.


I use Chrome also…


@benjamin - Hi Benjamin, is there anything on this?


At step 6) does your Online Player go back to the main screen, or does it stay stuck on the PIN connect page?

If yes, then try
7) Restart the Online Player at this point.

This happens to me sometimes.

SORRY for your hassles!


ALSO: Right now it looks like we are having intermittent server problems across everything… so just hold off trying to sort this out for a couple of hours.