Master/Minion is ready for more beta testers - CLOSED



Hey all,

The Master/Minion Player offers you the perfect solution for running Syrinscape in remote games. Use whichever VTT (Virtual Tabletop) you like, boot up the Master/Minion Player, gather your group together and transmit Syrinscape’s Epic audio in full quality all around the world.

A great team of people have done a good amount of work ironing out many of the bumps and creases in the Master/Minion and we are now ready to widen the testing group further.

Do you have time to have a bit of a play?

  1. You will be able to run games with your Players now matter where they are in the world
  2. We will grant you access on the server. Your players need only make a normal registration (no sub)
  3. The available SoundSets are a snapshot of our server 2 months back (so some of the latest content will not be available).

Post below to gain access!


Out of date demo here:


Screenshot of what it is looking like now:


With this you might control Syrinscape from your iPad, with the sound coming out of your phone (connected to the stereo system in the corner).

That means… wait for it… since you are controlling Syrinscape from within a Browser… you can put it into the background to check a rule or anything and the SOUND WON’T STOP!


May I have access? I run a Friday Pathfinder game and would love to try this out.


Hi guys,
Would love to get access to this if possible.
We are possibly having to resort from Starfinder and Pathfinder around a table, to over skype with 2 rural players.
Would love to see how this works :smiley:

Thanks in advance,




Access granted! :smile:

THANKS for your help!



I would love to get access to the beta. We play on a TV connected to a TV, but I can only show the stuff I want the players to see. With master/minion I am able to have the sound come from the TV while I select the sounds from my iPad or laptop.


Neat, would love to try this!


Would love to get access to this. Been waiting ages for it!


This is something i would be very interested in, especially with my brothers living in two different cities


I would love to be able to use this. I am getting ready to start my group in our first VTT campaign since it is hard to get together consistently and was wondering how I would continue to use Syrinscape. This looks awesome!


Yeah, I’d like an invite for beta testing!


I’d like an invite for beta testing as well.



*computer voice


Hi Ben,

I’m about to start running some 5e one-shots for some friends of mine, mostly in NA (I’m in Aus).
More than happy to help test Master/Minion.



Hey Ben!

First of all, I’d LOVE to be added, but I had some questions, some for the logistics of things, and others just that I’m curious about.

My first question, how many controllers is master/minion meant to be set up with?
We’ve talked a bit previously, but my use case is that I run a podcast and we now record Syrinscape live into our games. This means that, right now, Syrinscape is the job of one of the players, which means they can be taken out of the game a bit while they are trying to find a sound for the mood, or while trying to do things like combat effects. What I’m wondering if this set up would allow us to ALL share control of Syrinscape. So if the game is focused on half of the group, the other half could do the music and effects, and each player could handle their own attack effects.

The other question is, does the fact that this runs in a browser mean we will finally be able to stream sound sets without having to download them? One of the more tedious parts I’ve found with setting up Syrinscape for a campaign arc is I am largely going off of the description and title alone and hoping it’s good. If it sounds good, I have to go to Syrinscape, open the campaign, download the sound set, and if I don’t like it again, probably delete it again. I’ve been hopeful for a long time that I’d be able to some day go “Ooo, this sounds fitting! click listen Yeah, this is good… add to campaign.”

Thanks for this update either way, it sounds great!


I’d be interested in beta testing this Ben - thanks


I’d be interested in giving this a shot. Thanks!


You can actually do that, yes. Anyone logged into a browser as YOU anywhere will be able to see the Master UI and trigger Moods and OneShots.


  1. I think only one of the interfaces will bget the amplitude and wait time feedback.
  2. maybe it will make it all explode

Sounds like a perfect thing to test in beta

Also: our actual main (normal) usgae aim is to have Players be able to trigger just OneShots that will get blended into everything. i.e. if someone is logged in as a Minion, following a GM’s game… they’ll be able to trigger OneShots that get blended into everyone’s sound.