[Master Interface/Web Player/OneShotAdventure] Who likes to have extra long titles for their things so that they can have excessive amounts of unnecessarily descriptive language?

We have been busy making lots of behind-the-scenes changes, but here are some recent changes you might have picked up on.

Master Interface:

  • Before today, trying to give a Sample a super long name like the title for this post, would not have ended well. Now they fit fine! Express yourself with wild abandon with all the characters your hearts desire… (as long as your heart desires less than 256 characters) :heavy_heart_exclamation: :star2:
  • If you like measuring your distances in feet, you may already know that we allow Imperial Units in the Master Interface. You can turn this on from the settings modal which is accessed from the hamburger menu. Before now if you used Imperial Units, you may have noticed that Elements are always described as heading towards you. No longer the case! Elements can move toward or away from the listener, regardless of the units of measure :astonished: :us:
  • The Master Interface now has a nicer navigation menu that fits in with the rest of the Website, making it easier than ever to move around. :desktop_computer: :racing_car:

Web Player:

  • Depending on your location in the world, you may notice OneShots and other sounds start a little zippier on first play. We have shuffled the server side infrastructure so it should be more global-friendly now. Hopefully those worst effected have already experienced the speed up! :zap: :loud_sound:

One Shot Adventure:

Until next time, keep playing, and stay awesome! :100:


But is it less than 256 characters?


256 characters OR less?!?

Because one way my sample:


…is going to work, and the other, it ISN’T!

Need to know! :open_mouth: :wink: :smiley:

Maximum length is 255 characters, so exactly what I said, less than 256 characters :wink:

Although your sample name is 256 characters, you have what could be an unintentional double underscore between Within and Conjuring, so trashing that would have it fit! :male_detective:

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Also, the field in the interface knows about the character limitation now, so won’t let you feed in too much and then you get surprised when the server-side truncates it on you. In short, you can try it and see :smiley:

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