Master Interface App


Hello everyone!

First of all I really like to use the Master Interface and Online player. Especially when playing over discord.

Enjoying meeting my friends in person I have one question and one/two suggestions.

  1. Is it possible to export the sound sets I created in the Master Interface to later use them offline on my iPad? If not that would be a nice feature to have.

  2. Since the Master Interface is rather fiddly and difficult to use on my iPad, did you consider making an app that does exactly what the Master Interface does but make it a bit more accessible for the ipad?

All the best, Christian


Hi Christian, thanks for your kind words. :slight_smile:

  1. Yes. Any of your customised versions AND/OR you totally original SoundSets will appear in the the offline players (eg Fantasy Player). Note: there can be a little time needed to process the download required for the Offline Players, but it should get there within 30 minutes maximum. Let us know if you have some content that isn’t showing up and we can investigate.
  2. Yes, this is something we have considered for a while. There’s a LOT more still on the cards before we dive into this one, but it’s there on the list! :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, keep the feedback coming as you continue to use everything!


Hi Benjamin!

ad 1. Oh cool, I totally overlooked that. So one suggestion already fulfilled :smile:

ad 2. I understand that this might be a lot of work. Thank you for explaining.

Have a nice weekend, all the best from Austria (we’re always getting confused with your home country and I constantly have to tell people that we are the other Australia, just without the kangaroos ;-)).