Master Client Updates


Is there a channel that @benjamin or someone posts about updates to the Master/Minion updates?

I just saw “Campaigns” were added as a filter, nice! Oh, and search filters by tag now? Nice!

I’m sort of stuck using the install client still until we get some sort of support for URI or an API (as I kick most things off via MapTool macros) so don’t load the master client up as much as I would like, but excited to see the new features! Anything else new?


Hey @jamz the forum is still the best place for updates on Syrinscape Online, when we remember to post them! The Dev team are hard at work in the background ironing out kinks, stomping bugs and adding features as they go. We’ll try and set up a thread for updates, you just might need to bump us to remind us to keep it up to date! :smile:


Thanks for the update!

Q: Will the Master Client ever have the ability to “play” sounds or will we always need the Online Player? For prep, it would be nice to quickly look and play sounds via master client (where ever we are) without the need for the online player to be installed.