Masks of Nyarlathotep - part 7: Shanghai


When can we expect the soundscapes for the last part of the campain ?



I have also been wondering about this, I know they had said 4th q last year, obviously things get waylaid… but would love an rough update!
My group are currently heading here, would be great to know if I should waylay them for a month or so…

Final polishing being done now. Will go in for approval with Chaosium VERY soon and then release will follow shortly after.

We are talking just a number of weeks (if nothing goes wrong) (which is always possible in this current world apparently!!!) :smiley: :octopus:


My players are at the start of Kenya. I am pretty sure that Shangaï wil be out before they get there. Lucky us ! Thanks a lot Syrinscape team !

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