Masks of Nyarlathotep - London


So unfortunately my group has reached London now and we’re playing tomorrow and the official soundset for the London chapter ain’t out yet. Do people have any custom campaigns that they wish to share or a list of suggestions of what would make a good set of syrinscape soundsets for that chapter?


What goes on in the London chapter? I can make some suggestions. :slight_smile:


The chapter will be out in the next few days, so hopefully your players will still be there when its released!


My suggestion is to use some movie soundtracks - Hans Zimmer or that kind of composer. They won’t have specific sounds but are good for mood.


I’ve got my session in a few weeks, hope it’ll be out by then :slight_smile:


Any chance it’ll be out by this Friday? My group is starting the London chapter then.


This is in for review right now. Yays!!!

I will make it available as a pre-release for all subs tonight.

Are you a sub perhaps?


I’m no sub, I buy all of them separately, would there be any chance of you releasing it for us too somewhere soon? my next session is coming up :smiley:


It’ll be out as SOON as Chaosium approves it! :slight_smile: