Masks of Nyarlathotep - Australia


Hello everyone!

I am trying to put a soundset together for my players. They are about to enter the City of the Great Race in Australia and need some sounds for underground HUUUUUGE caverns, alien structures , sense of dread and grandeur, desert, all those things! Can anyone help me with some suggestions?



Desert from Fantasy Player and Desert World from Sci-Fi Player for a start. Lunar Prison has a Reflective Oasis mood, and Caravanserai has some desert temple sounds. Desert Nomad Camp may also have useful sounds.

Sense of dread and grandeur - Elements - Horror from the Fantasy Player (for all the dread that’s fit to hear) and then Preserver Artifacts from Sci-Fi Player for grandeur.

Big underground caverns - Dream Quests II, Flooded Cavern, Windsong Caverns, any of the Dungeon of the Mad Mage sets from Fantasy Player, Sub-Terra, Nyarlahtotep, Cultists, and Mi-Go Underground Dwelling from Sci-Fi Player. Also from the Board Game Player, try Claustrophobia 1643, that’s got some great underground cavern dread!


Thanks @HECook, you beat me to it! Yes all of these would work perfectly :slight_smile:


Sorry it took so long for me to reply! Thank you both for your answers!