Making music for D&D - time for feedback


Hi all,
Sooo… just starting to push some ideas around the table for the music for Dragon Heist (our 1st D&D SoundPack).

What do you think of this?!?


  1. Let’s do something different from what’s in Syrinscape already (ie Epic Symphonic Movie Music)
  2. Let’s rock out
  3. A bit like this movie: [see next post]
  4. Electric dude (turn it up to 11)

What do you think… any particular points in the track you like/dislike (give me a second marker).

I look forward to hearing what you think!!


This is the movie track I was refering to:


I love the rock audio bed! I was just coming to see if there were any plans on D&D audio beds in the making. Can’t wait for this to drop!


While I’m not opposed to the idea in general…

Honestly, I would save this for an Eberron adventure. The sound would fit better with a magicpunk theme then with anything in the Forgotten Realms.

This is your first soundset with D&D and very possibly the first introduction that you will have for many people to the tool. For a very much generic Fantasy world, and heist focused adventure I worry that going techno will turn people off to the tool.


Yeah. The electic-ness has become more and more moderate over the last week. I’ll have a new version to show off soon. :slight_smile:


I’m with Scrubkai on this. Overall I’m open to the idea but this would definitely be more Eberron or maybe Steampunk. The guitar/techno sound, for me, definitely doesn’t evoke a fantasy feel. This of course is just my opinion as my creative skills are non-existent - lol!!