Making custom moods online as a non-subscriber


I’m not a subscriber, but I have bought several soundsets (from the scifi library, for Call of Cthulhu). I would like to use elements from those different soundsets (plus a few bits from the free ones) to make a custom soundset for a one-shot CoC scenario.

  1. Within the online Master, I duplicate “Custom Moods” and rename it “Scenario1”
  2. I rename the only mood within the soundset as “TEST1”… I can’t create new ones (error message: details have been reported - ok, fine).
  3. I start a number of elements playing from different soundsets, including the ‘Enigmatic silence’, in “TEST1”.
  4. I click “save current state” (within “TEST1”) and get an error message telling me I’m not a subscriber.

I realise creating new soundsets outright is reserved for subscribers, but really all I want is not to put in a lot of work creating my custom moods and then have them stuck on my laptop until it dies :frowning: I own all the sound elements I’m trying to use, and I realise I’m not entitled to the full features of the creator, but this seems like basic functionality.

How can I achieve what I want without buying a subscription? I don’t run enough games to be able to justify the expense.


Please let me know if I’ve posted this in the wrong place; I’d really like to know the answer.


@jevy_b3 Thanks for bringing this up. Right now, without unlocking the Creator via SuperSyrin subscription, the Online Player is only able to customise which elements (from the current soundset) will play in a custom mood. It is not able to bring in elements from other soundsets (even if you own them).

The Online Player and Creator are still in development, but right now I can’t say if this will change one way or the other.


That’s disappointing, but thank you for the comprehensive reply :slight_smile: